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Design Node creates buildings and environments with an integrated focus on spatial and environmental solutions in the mining, waste, commercial, and housing development sectors.

The company was established with the vision of being key role players in developing the potential of the South African and African landscape, while protecting the environment and finding solutions to the country’s ubiquitous housing problems. 

Our directors and shareholders are multi-skilled South Africans with a passion to add value to the landscapes of the country and the lives of her people.

Our mission is to lead in African land development planning, design, and development solutions through:

  • Being trusted advisors to government, parastatal, and commercial bodies.

  • Participating in mutually economical rewarding projects.

  • Continued research and study in our academic fields.

  • Applying our team’s multiple-levelled knowledge and skills to the advantage of our clients.

  • Professionalism, integrity and ethical business dealings.

  • Continuous innovation, agility to adapt to change, and improvement of solutions and services.

  • Offering high quality service standards that focus on understanding the client’s needs.


Design excellence is at the core of the services we offer.


Our team’s skills are tempered with our determination to deliver quality products and services consistently and sincerely within the financial and time constraints of the client’s brief while emphasising a regard to environmental issues. The company believes that the foundation for success is a dynamic focused, motivated, and dedicated team that is prepared to take ownership of concepts and turn ideas into reality.

Our concern is not just for sustainable land development and the environment but also for the people of South Africa. We are firm believers in upholding human dignity, and use our expertise and influence to draw Africans in to the implementation of our projects.


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