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Who are we?

Welcome to DesignNode, where architectural excellence meets multi-skilled innovation!


At DesignNode, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic and forward-thinking architecture firm, equipped with a diverse team of highly skilled professionals. Our passion for design, coupled with our expertise in various disciplines, allows us to create unique and visionary solutions for our clients' architectural needs.

We are a team of architects, interior designers, urban planners, landscape architects, and more, all working harmoniously under one roof.


Our collective talents and multi-disciplinary approach enable us to deliver comprehensive and integrated design solutions that transcend conventional boundaries.


We are part of the solution. We dream, plan, and construct developments all over South Africa.


I, together with my team, aim to add value:


  • to the receiving environments (social, urban, greenfield) of our projects,

  • to the quality of life of the future inhabitants/communities that will reside in our buildings/developments,

  • to the people we meet along the way and trust relationships we build,

  • to the focused attention to appropriate detail and design.


We bring to you, our clients, a passionate/committed team, decades of collective experience, and a deep commitment to always add value.

Our Team?


Henk Dippenaar

Pr. Architect  | 30 years in industry

The Core crew.


Director  | Pr. Landscape Architect  20 years in industry


 Associate | Pr QS

35+ years in industry


Associate | Pr. Senior Architectural Technologist


Associate | Pr. Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist


Senior Architectural Technologist

War Room Team

We welcome many students from higher learning establishments and offer them mentorship as they test their wings in the professional environment.

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