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Centurion Water Feature

Project: Centurion Lake water feature

Location: Centurion, Pretoria

Client: Redefine

Many remember the ‘water orrel’ that was once a feature in Centurion Lake. Whether you viewed it from afar or rowed as close to it as possible, it was a memorable icon.

Design Node was approached to design a water feature that commemorated the original focal point but with a modern twist. The water feature’s backdrop was designed to be a flood berm on which a forest of trees and plants grow. It would also serve as the focal point that can be viewed from the many restaurants on the lake edge. The feature wraps around the piazza as to define and enhance the event space.

Detailing this spectacular item was a challenge. Various levels, processes and materials had to combine into a simplistic design. Contemporary, sleek edges were combined with reflection ponds and water that shoots up into the heavens.

The aim of the project is to attract the many feet that once walked the floors of the mall to see the ‘water orrel’ but to surprise them with an elegant, remarkable feature.

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