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Premier Hotel Group

Project: Upgrade and extension

Location: Multiple

Client: Premier Hotel Group

We are adding value to various buildings of this hotel group.


001 Entrance..png
007 Eastern View..png
003 Balconies..png
011 Parking lot view..png
006 South East View..png
004 West Elevation..png


D_Photo - 7.jpg
D_Photo - 1.jpg
D_Photo - 4.jpg
D_Photo - 3.jpg
D_Photo - 6.jpg
D_Photo - 2.jpg

The Winkler

Smaler Image B.jpg
Image 01_000.png
Image 01.png
Smaller Image A.jpg

OR Tambo

East Elevation A.jpg
East Elevation B.jpg
West Elevation Repainted.jpg
West Elevation 22 October 2019 v9.0.jpg
01 current.JPG
02 Current.JPG
11 Current.JPG
13 Current.JPG
12 Current.JPG
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