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House Dos Santos

House Dos Santos

Project: House Dos Santos

Location: The Hills Estate, Pretoria

Client: Mr and Mrs Dos Santos

Design Node was approached to design a residential garden found in the middle of a game reserve.Adhering to the home Owner’s guidelines and strict specie lists, our obvious goal was to create a setting where the clients would want to relax, socialise or stroll in.


With clients that love to cook and entertain, we designed features in the garden that can be enjoyed from both inside and outside the house. Herbs, cut flowers and grasses started to stitch the interior to the exterior, to the larger reserve area. Working together with the interior architects and engineers, the structures found in the landscape contribute to and enhance the architecture.

Whether it will be children’s parties, a quiet day at home or a welcoming feeling after work, we designed a setting on which many memories would play out.

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