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Ghandi Square

Project: Ghandi East Precinct Developmental Details

Location: Johannesburg CBD East of Ghandi Square, between Eloff Street and Nugget Street

Client: Ntsika Architects

Team Members: Cenette Dippenaar, Dario Long, Christine van Zyl and Sarah Hulett

Status: On Going


The individual projects that were identified and developed with regards to the Ghandi East Precinct include; the Central Square (a proposed extension ABSA who have a large amount of offices within the area), Main Street and Frederick Street.

The Central Square project is located to the east of the Transnet Tower and involves a risky proposal to demolish two whole block and create a massive urban park situated between Fox and Marshall Street.


The idea was spurred by the interest of ABSA to develop an public open space that will be accessible for its many employees within the area and provide a link with the public at large so as to contribute to the  quality of life of those living and working within the area.


The design of the park is such that it forms a multifunctional space and can accommodate many different types of activities within the space.


These include, among others, an event space, which may be used by ABSA for various functions or else rented out, and stalls for informal traders as there are many currently in the area and it is not our wish that they should be displaced when they bring a sense of vibrancy and entrepreneurship.


Main Street is proposed to incorporate more of a pedestrian and public space function while at the same time retaining its functionality as a major road through the city.


The result of this decision was that some lanes bordering the sidewalk were transformed from functioning lanes into parking and kerb extensions.

These elements begin to form a boundary between the moving vehicles and pedestrians, as well as maximizing their safety by reducing the size of the road they have to cross. In addition to this, elements such as street trees, planting, lights, dust bins and drinking fountains have been incorporated so as to make the streetscape a more comfortable space.


Frederick Street was designed along its length from Troye Street to Eloff Street. This design differs from the rest as its ultimate goal is to create as much open space as possible for the surrounding residences as possible while still retaining the functionality of a residential street. This was a vital objective as it is known that the residents of the area are unhappy with the current situation as there is no place nearby for the children.


The residents have been petitioning for many years to have the street closed, and recently they have managed to have a section of the street closed off, however, a safer and more comfortable space can be created for children and families to enjoy.

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