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FOURNOS-Update-03102019_Photo - 5.jpg

Fournos Entrance

Project: Pause space

Location: Centurion Mall

Client: Redefine

The need for a pause space was identified at a busy entrance at Centurion Mall. An organic shaped planter with seating height edges was added here.

FournosEntrance_Photo - 2.jpg
FournosEntrance_Photo - 1.jpg
FOURNOS-Update-03102019_Photo - 8.jpg
FOURNOS-Update-03102019_Photo - 6.jpg
Fournos-WalkingMen-30092019_Photo - 12.j
Fournos-WalkingMen-30092019_Photo - 11.j
FournosEntrance_Photo - 3.jpg
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