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Metro Building

Project: Metro Building Window Audit

Location: Johannesburg

Client: Ntsika Architects

The team from Design Node was sent to do a window audit for the Johannesburg City Council.


This meant that the team would need to count exactly how many windows there were within the building, and then describe them in terms of their quality and safety requirements. This entailed noting details such as, the measurements of the windows, the quality and cleanliness of the glass, if there was any damage done to the window or to the frame, how easily the window was opened and closed and whether there were any obstructions over the windows higher up so that a person was not able to fall through them, only relevant should the window be large enough.

The team counted and quantified over 7000 windows, and there are plans for a future phase where they will return and carry out an audit

on the façade of the building itself. This iconic structure in Johannesburg CBD required a due diligence assessment.

The views from this iconic landmark is noteworthy.

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