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Mokopane Community Park

Project: Decommissioning of the Sekgagapeng and Masodi Oxidation Ponds

Location: Mogalakwena Local Municipality, Pretoria

Client: Mogalakwena Local Municipality

Team Members: Cenette Dippenaar and Matthew Wiese

Status: Proposal Completed


This proposal took the form of the development of an open space or land development located on the soon to be decommissioned Sekgagapeng and Masodi oxidation ponds.


In order for the development of the open space to take place, an integrated rehabilitation and post closure plan was put into place to transform the land from a rigid and barren functional site, to an environmental state that matches that which it would have been had the site not been converted into oxidation ponds.

The integrated rehabilitation plan focusses on rehabilitating the space specifically for use as a recreational park.


This was the result of an increase in population in the area, which creates a need for open space, recreational space, and sport facilities.


Open space provides many opportunities for the community at large such as, spiritual enhancement, well-being, education and recreation as well as possibly serving as a catalyst for future investments into the area.  


In addition to the benefits being brought to the site through the new development, the area will be greatly improved as the transformation will detract poor waste management, criminal activities and health hazards.

As the development of the area is greatly centred around transformation for the increasing population, it is vital that the project involves the extensive community through stakeholder engagement through comprehensive consultation with the local municipality and key stakeholders. The purpose of this is to ensure that their needs and desires are well understood and captured in the design. It is through these processes that the project has the ability to create meaningful employment and trading opportunities once the project has been completed.

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