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Centurion River Park

Project: Centurion Mall River Park  

Location: Centurion, Pretoria

Client: Redefine

Design Node was approached to redevelop the beauty that once was Centurion Lake. With the mixture of nature and infrastructure, Centurion Lake park will become an urban node.

Green infrastructure will be created throughout the park in many different ways.

The construction of the berms through the reuse of existing silt, the use of eco-friendly materials and the rehabilitation of natural grasslands are all examples of green infrastructure. The new and exciting urban node will be an attraction to those in and around the area, drawing users to the site adding value to the local economy.


The park aims to be as environmentally sound as possible and with many rehabilitative aspects throughout the park, the quality of the environment and surrounding environments will vastly improve. As an urban node, the park may create a sense of identity for those that use the area. It will bring an array of cultures and people together and enhance the social value of the place.

Activities and routes throughout this space will create a multi- functional exciting space, enticing users to the node as well as rehabilitating the surrounding environment.  

4. 2018 05 10.jpg
10. 2018 05 25.jpg
DNL_Centurion Lake Option 1-3 Feb2018_02
DNL_Centurion Lake Option 1-3 Feb2018_02
Centurion River Park_3.jpg
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