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Fashion Capital Hotel

Project: Fashion Capital Hotel

The inviting V-shaped hotel draws one in towards the reception area.

A light well is located in the centre of the building with two prominent features along the ends of the building. Views from the Balconies spill onto the modern pool and bar area. All entertainment activities such as the function rooms, conference facilities, dining area and lounges are grouped along the one wing.


Through this configuration noisy activities can be restricted to a specific area. As a result the opposite wing with all the hotel rooms is a tranquil and quiet space.


All rooms include a loft space and are fully equipped. These units can easily facilitate long stay guests. The entertainment area are located a level below the pool area. 

Below ground level the pool and cocktail bar share a glass wall allowing patrons a view into the side of the pool. Here pool activities and refreshments are provided alongside one another.

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