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Aero Estate Texas

Project: Aero Estate_

A proposed development adjacent to the Sherman municipal airport will combine hangar space with living, dining and entertainment. It's the first of its kind in Texoma.


A video shows what the developer has in store for 26 acres right next to the Sherman Municipal Airport.

"The plan is a fly-in, fly-out community that is about 50 homes, where people can purchase and rent the homes and have planes underneath their houses," said city spokesman Nate Strauch.

The community plans to have single and double hangar units, 47 townhomes and 15 condos, and a restaurant and event center. Strauch said it's the first of its kind in the area and would bring revenue to the airport through a private public partnership."It'll be producing property taxes and bringing people in on a daily basis," Strauch said.

Sherman's Experimental Aviation Association president Michael McLendon said the airport has a ton of potential and this would bring it to life.

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