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Palmer's Place - Clubview 127

Project: Palmer’s Place

Location: Zwartkop’s Golf Estate, Pretoria

Client: Krip Props

The design team was tasked with designing the landscape and landscape features for a new apartment block within the Zwartkop’s Golf Estate built to accommodate 300+ people.  This task proves to be extremely challenging due to the presence class six and seven dolomite which is at the more risky end of the scale.


As a result, the design and planting palette has to prove extremely resilient in terms of water usage and storm water drainage, as should any significant amount of water leach through the soil to the dolomite, the results would be a sinkhole of sizable proportion.As a result of these geological considerations, the planting chosen for the site is some of the hardiest South Africa has to offer, including textured grass species and feature aloe plants.


This choice of palette also comes with some challenges, as the nature of the site is such that it exists in a wild state, with well-established towering trees which, although they provide a magical sense to the site, they cast a lot of shade which greatly limits the amount of possible water wise planting.

These challenges have been addressed through the use of creative groundworks, such as the formation of berms so as to not only begin to shape the space, but also provides the aspect of slope so that the planting can receive the sunlight that it requires. 

Along with the ground level landscaping, the entire building is also being landscaped in the form of balcony and rooftop gardens, it is due to this that many of the opportunities that cannot be implemented within the ground level landscape can be implemented within the building itself, such as a pool located on the intensive green roof.

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