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Waste Group - Waste City

Project: Mooiplaats Landfill Facility

Location: Silver Lakes, Pretoria

Client: Waste Group

Mooiplaats is a state of the art landfill facility, the development includes surrounding residential development and a provincial road servitude along the sites eastern edge.

The landfill activity was screened from the residences and road with the use of berms planted with indigenous grasses and trees.

The site is organised so that heavy waste related industries are positioned directly around the landfill boundaries with light industry land uses located along the edge of the provincial road.

Various waste related recycling/upcycling activities are located along the western edge of the site that also functions as a green buffer with linear grass farms and tree nurseries.

In order to promote a work-live-play development the residential units are located close to the waste related activities, without being too close to cause any discomfort in the form of noise, smell etc.

This urban node has waste related industry as its economic catalyst and therefore rightfully names Waste Group’s City.

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