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Centurion Piazza

Project: Centurion Mall, Piazza

Location:  Heuwel Rd, Centurion Central, Pretoria

Client: Redefine Retail (pty) ltd

Centurion Mall has become a popular space in term of commercial restaurant space, this has mainly to do with the fact that the mall borders onto a section of the Hennops River. This exact area where the mall starts to look over the Hennops, required a space where many restaurants can spill out into the landscape.

This design allows for social gatherings and creates a large multi-functional piazza space between the mall and the lake. In a future phase, the piazza will open to a larger piazza area, which will allow for greater functionality. Since the inner heart of the Piazza will be covered, it was crucial that shade plants were chosen in this area. These plants will bring a sense of life and vitality to the space while encouraging the creation of natural habitats.

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