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Waterfall Waste Facility & Landfill Site

Project: Waterfall Waste Facility & Landfill Site

Location: Rustenburg

Client: Golder Associates for Rustenburg municipality

Landfill buffer zone, closure vision and building design.

Design Node reached beyond the design brief by analysing the intended future development of the areas around the proposed Waterfall Landfill site.

It was understood from municipal spatial development documents that Rustenburg`s future development (residential, commercial, industrial) would extend beyond the waste site. In understanding the possible future scenario of the land around this brownfield site, planning and development took on a re-use/sustainable/second life angle.

The project development was over planned for the future potential/activities/users and hereafter the design was deconstructed / backdated/distilled to elements needed for the current functionality.

This design approach got the architects of Design Node to a functional project that serve the current need and will also be the base structure/phase one of the future land-use development.


Design Node believes that over planning into the future and then distilling that design to the present is real sustainable design.

Phase one of the project was the grouping of an administrative building, educational centre and canteen for a waste facility with storm water relevant landscape structures & landscaping.

The entrance structures to the property and the landfill site were also designed with the intention of it becoming a future gateway to a mixed-use development.

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